Relaxed confidence comes when you are in control. The power to spontaneously say yes, without compromising on style. Being ready for unexpected situations without effort.

Create endless opportunities. Do more. Look in the mirror and know that you are ready. All Day Alba fashionwear makes you confident in every situation, while offering the practicality of workout clothes. One thing less to worry about.

You’re invited to experience relaxed confidence

Luxurious to touch

Feel comfortable and styled up during hectic days and through workout sweats, thanks to our hi-tech fabrics, exclusively developed to let you move in style. We thoughtfully curate fabrics that are kind to your skin and kind to the environment (wherever possible, we use eco-friendly or recyclable or recycled materials).

Discover Alba’s secret to utter comfort

Each All Day Alba style is lovingly crafted in limited edition batches, reflecting color and seasonal trends while retaining a timeless elegance. Each style is born with a hand drawn sketch, just like an artist would put an idea to paper. We obsess over every metallic finishing, print, and trim detail, which are also hand drawn by our in-house artist, to elevate the finished look.

Take a glimpse behind-the-scenes See how a collection is born

Versality is at the heart of each All Day Alba style. We design our pieces and accessories to be combined and layered for effortless sophistication, in complimentary fabrics and stunning silhouettes that flatter every body type and are perfect for any situation.

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Say hello to our Founders

All Day Alba is brought to you by two ambitious women who want to change the status quo on how activewear can look. Our mission is to combine the practicality of workout gear with the structured look of tailored clothing, for women everywhere to feel comfortable, chic, and relaxed throughout their day, no matter where it may take them.

We believe that versatility is a privilege and spontaneity a blessing. With Fashionwear that is made to move through our dynamic day, we want you to be able to say yes to life!

We are committed to uplifting the norm of dress so that you can turn the every-day into endless opportunities and share the embrace of possibility with others.

We can’t wait to share the experience of relaxed confidence with you.

Rachel Katzin, co-founder and CEO

I believe women should have the right to look as beautiful as they wish, while feeling relaxed confidence. That’s how I came to the idea of creating Fashionwear that looks like it’s for the runway yet feels so comfortable that women will look at themselves in the mirror and know right away they are ready for every situation. No need to worry about what to wear and whether it’s appropriate or comfortable enough. Design and comfort without compromise.

I was born and grew up in Milan, Italy, where my parents had a fashion business. After graduating from high-school, I moved with my family to Switzerland where I pursued my first degree in translation and started practicing martial arts. For the following 13 years, I studied and worked in six different countries, mastering six languages and advancing with martial arts, until I decided to become an instructor. After working in hi-tech for many years, getting married and giving birth to my third child, Alba, I decided to steer the gear to a different direction and started the Alba brand, mixing my Milanese, high fashion-related background with my principles of comfort and practicality. After two years of leading the brand on my own, I met Brielle; we connected right away and became partners, giving life to All Day Alba.

Brielle Mayberg Halbert, co-founder and President

With commitment to highly sophisticated design coupled with tech savvy fabric— my personal mission is to trend-set while being inclusive of a range of women in age, personal taste, and body type.

Having been raised in Washington DC amidst a highly entrepreneurial family, I have been surrounded and inspired by business moguls, political figures, and philanthropists my entire life. I naturally grew in ambition to pioneer something of my own. Since I believe that fashion is the outward illumination of one's inner sense of self, I find that the way I dress enhances the way I feel and act. Dissatisfied with having to choose between feeling comfortable and looking elegant, I set out to create Fashionwear that brings substantial elevation.

My journey with the brand began as a postgraduate, new mom, and fitness obsessed twenty-two year old, fresh out of NYC — and what began as entrepreneurial spirit turned into a guided passion once I met Rachel and we created All Day Alba.