Elevate Your Legging Look!

All Day Alba

A relatable guide on how to reinvent your all-day athleisure look, without reinventing the wheel.

We know your day is all over the place! You’re a lady after all, which automatically makes you that person who carries the world on your shoulders to meet your personal expectations (which are probably pretty high) and to devote much time and energy to those you love.

While you probably do not wish to trade your role for anything in the world, it sure is demanding. 

We also conquer the world everyday, so we get you. 

When all roads lead you to the basic building block of your wardrobe – your leggings, but your schedule goes beyond the legging, what to do? Active attire in the classical sense doesn't always feel like it will cut it on the runway that is your life....filled to the brim with appointments, and requiring you to be in so many places for so many people. 

When leggings are not going to cut it on its own, but they’re just what you need to push through your expansive day, we’ve got some solutions to help you transform the simple stretch pants look into a striking power outfit. We hope these tips help you win the day in comfort and in style!

3 Tried and Tested Methods to Transform Your Leggings Into a Striking Power Outfit:

  • Layer over your leggings, a perfectly lengthed mini skirt in the same fabric and color of your leggings. Before, even during and certainly after the gym, this creative addition will turn you into a walking trendsetter. That post gym didn't-have’-time look will diminish as your mini completes a refined look for the rest of you day. *You can kick off the leggings and wear the skirt alone!

  • If you love the idea of the mini, but the layering just adds a hassle and an extra little thing to carry in your overflowing bag, the skort concept will change your life! You know those adorable little girls wearing mini skirts with tiny shorts attached? Well, we’ve got the pretty mama version for you! No layering needed, as it is all attached, for this rejuvenated legging look.


  • Not in the mood for a skirt? A little extra coverage that conceals a bit of your backside, may be your perfect solution. Typically, our leggings make everything super visible, especially when they are form fitted. Our signature lengthened tops and jackets cover just the right amount where leggings don’t, leaving you less self conscious and more world-ready, post gym that is! Zip it up with rose gold so that the added shine of the zipper is just an added accessory to the rest of your day, while you are at ease that you’ve got 'it' covered. 



Kick off your sneakers for bonus points in upping your athleisure look before and after the workout. Sandals, boots, fashion sneakers, or even heels assist big time in transforming the look!

It’s the little secrets that make all the difference. We hope that these elevated ways of wearing the leg hugging stretchy pants that you and your hardworking body love and deserve, makes your day all the more conquerable.

2020 New Year Resolution? Continue wearing the leggings that we love, but in new and improved ways!

Happy New Year!



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