Transitioning your closet to the colder months

All Day Alba
12 Oct , 2020

The first chill of September is always a sign that colder months are approaching. Fall is a great time to look into which fashion styles are hot this season and do some online clothes shopping. But it’s not all about new items. Chances are your closet is already filled with pieces that can help you make the switch. The trick to fall fashion is procuring new pieces mindfully and repurposing the warmer weather pieces you already have. 

Here are our 4 favorite ways to make that happen.

Invest in outerwear 

Even though you may feel cold when you’re outside, many locations are warm once you walk inside. Inside of purchasing bulky sweaters, invest in some quality outerwear that you can easily take off if you get hot. When you pair a chic jacket with a stylish tank top or t-shirt, you turn a summer outfit into your favorite fall look. Try our Kerri Mesh Long Sleeve Wrap or a brown cotton twill jacket on top of our Ronda Tank Top to bring extra versatility to your wardrobe. 
Utilize your layering pieces

Never underestimate the power of what is under the clothes. Beyond looking for outer layers for dropping temperatures, look at the other layering pieces in your closet. Instead of only wearing thin camisoles or just your bra, invest in some thicker pieces. The trick is to find clothing that hugs the body to create smooth lines under your warmer items. Our All Day Alba Sleeveless Top will keep you warm, define your curves, and complete all those sweater weather looks this season.

Play with color

Spring and summer tend to be filled with bright colors and light neutrals, whereas the fall lends itself nicely to a much richer color palette. Search through your closet and pull out the pieces that are dark grey, maroon, forest green, and deep plum. By switching your color palette, you’ll feel very fall without having to do much work. That’s why we love the Fine Day Alba Tee in Sunset. It allows us to feel those rich falls colors while still staying cool during early autumn. 

Swap out your footwear

It’s not always the clothing. Nothing says, “Welcome to crisp weather,” quite like putting away sandals and bringing out your favorite ankle boots. Shoes have the power to take a summertime outfit and immediately turn it into fall fashion. We love our Maria Mini Skirt with a chunky sandal for a summer day, but when we wear them with our favorite booties and thick stockings, it becomes our favorite fall look. 

Do you feel ready to transition from summer and spring to fall and winter styles? We’d love to help you. All Day Alba clothes are built to be versatile, so we live for transition months like these. Book a session with a stylist here, and let’s help you feel the gift of Relaxed Confidence all season long.

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