5 Ways To Feel Empowered As A Woman In The Workplace

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03 Mar , 2021

As a woman in the workplace, you probably feel a mix of emotions each day. Some days you may walk in with a great handbag and professional outfit, feeling like you can conquer the world. Other days you may feel conflicted or unbalanced. And sometimes, you may feel very confused as you map out where you want both your life and career to go.

All of these are incredibly normal as many women face what you’re facing on a daily basis. So to celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to help you feel empowered as you approach your career decisions and overall work life.

Here are 5 ways you can feel empowered in the workplace.

Use your voice

It can be tempting to go along with what people say or say “yes” to avoid rocking the boat, but that will give you a bitter feeling in your stomach. Next time you’re faced with a difficult decision or need to say “no,” lean into your intuition and pinpoint where you’d like to set a boundary. Then trust your gut and verbalize your needs. If you’re happy and fulfilled at work, your career path will feel far more authentic.

Empower other women

Empowerment works best when it targets every woman in the room. When you go into the office, make it your mission to lift up other women. Refer to their ideas in important meetings and mentor new hires when you have the chance. Lean into their success and make your workplace more inclusive for every coworker who’s looking to move up the ladder.

Listen to other women’s stories

Nothing is more empowering than hearing from other women who are shaking things up and making big career moves. Hear from some of our favorite women as they talk about what being a woman in the workplace means to them.

Lani Inlander

Chief Stylist at Real Life Style

Brielle Mayberg Halbert

co-founder of All Day Alba

Rachel Katzin

co-founder and CEO of All Day Alba

Julieta Morais

Public Policy Consultant

Tara hooper

Image Consultant at the Style Signature

Ask for help

Being empowered doesn’t mean having to do everything all of the time. Part of being confident means knowing what you don’t know and seeking answers from those that do. By leaning on your support network, you can continue to grow and move in the right direction. Plus, asking for help means you can build a community of support and ward off symptoms of burnout before they can occur.

Go easy on yourself

As women, we sometimes expect perfection from ourselves. We hope to be perfect career women, wives, mothers, friends and socialites. That’s just unrealistic. Part of feeling empowered is feeling that your imperfections have a seat at the table. You being you is far more beautiful than you being a perfect shell of a fake persona. Next time you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’re doing your best.

When you feel empowered at work, you can create a large impact. What makes you feel empowered? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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