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07 May , 2020

Color is a powerful force in our lives. It impacts our productivity, happiness, and response to our environment, and its study has even been earned its own term: color psychology. No wonder, then, that we are so fascinated with color trends and captivated by how they make us feel. For our Spring 2020 Collection, we played with the lightness of hues such as soft, delicate pinks, clean, meditative grays and energizing, fresh neo mint.

As a color, this slightly softer version of mint green is said to be calming, offering tranquility and balance. In this blog post we’ll look at our favorite pieces from our Spring 2020 Collection, from neo mint active dresses and figure-hugging leggings to stylish jackets.

Neo mint is a pastel, refreshing shade of green dominating style and interior design trends in 2020

From the runway to your Pinterest feed, prepare to be seeing a lot more of neo mint in the months to come! Referred to as the ‘new Millennial pink of 2020’ by Vogue, neo mint is an oxymoron of fresh, natural tones and a futuristic take on the pastel colors we know and love. It’s easy to wear and ultra-flattering on all skin tones, and will quickly become your go-to shade that can easily be matched with neutrals and more.

Glam up your Instagram feed with these trendy pieces from our latest collection that will keep you going all day long. our clothes from high-performance material that is moisture-wicking, deodorizing, and breathable, offering all the comfort and practicality of workout clothes with the structured look of tailored clothing.

Clothes that keep you feeling fresh and put together all day long? Count us in! We felt that the neo mint pieces in our collection deserved their own color label: look out for items available in ‘Evening’ to discover on-trend pieces you’re sure to love!

Gabby Spring Jacket

The Gabby Spring Jacket is a must-have for any discerning boss babe. Throw it over your shoulder to instantly elevate your outfit or zip it up to show off its fitted, flattering silhouette. It’s the perfect layer to have on hand to tackle the day with relaxed confidence, knowing you’ll look and feel your best.

Althea Leggings

We love a good compression fabric, and our Althea Leggings offer compression technology to provide figure-hugging support while also improving muscle recovery – whether you’re running miles or running errands. We love the beautiful hand-drawn details that add a touch of elegance and class around the ankles, while the metallic accents truly bring out the color for understated glam. Bonus: wear these leggings for 30 consecutive days, for a minimum of 6 hours a day, to help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Althea Leggings
Mia Short Sleeve Dress

Do you ever feel like you’re forced to compromise between comfort and elegance when choosing your outfit for the day? Say hello to the Mia Short Sleeve Dress! Available in Evening (but also dazzling Dawn and stunning Midnight), this is the dress to wear when you have a full day ahead. Wear it with sneakers to run around the park with your kids, dress up with heels for a fun night out, or throw the Gabby Spring Jacket on as an extra layer to feel polished and ready to tackle the day with relaxed confidence (and in utter comfort!).

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