How a collection is born

All Day Alba
05 Jun , 2020

Every collection starts with a theme choice, influenced by what is going on in our lives at that moment. Once we define what the collection represents, we research fashion trends and consumer behaviors to inspire our designs and creations. For us, each collection is infused with a meaning or message that we want to bring to life through color, fabric movement, or silhouettes.

Styles and illustrations

From there, we’ll create mood boards that help encourage us to look beyond the clothes themselves to understand what we want them to mean to you. While we take note of fashion trends, we also want our collections to feel timeless and effortless. Our promise to you is that every style is versatile, comfortable, feminine, and made to move: we want you to feel empowered and ready to face the day in every one of pieces.

That’s why we take such care in selecting the right fabrics for our clothes. Fabric choice is part of the brand concept. We choose smart, hi-tech fabrics that look after your skin and keep you feeling fresh all day long. You can learn more about why fabric choice makes All Day Alba styles so special on our about us page.

When creating our clothes, we obsess over the finishing details so that every style feels elevated and elegant. Our in-house artist hand draws the unique prints, such as the cherry blossoms on our Wabi Sabi Collection that are inspired from Japanese beauty aesthetics.

Finally, it’s time to bring it altogether in our campaign photo shoot. Days on set are busy, fun, exhausting, and rewarding! Watch our video to see our Spring 2019 campaign shoot in action.

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