How to cultivate a relaxed and confident morning

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16 Sep , 2020

When you wake up to sunshine after getting enough sleep, you can just feel a good day ahead of you. But sometimes, life fills in, making our morning feel rushed, stressful, and hectic. If you ever hit the snooze button one too many times or eat breakfast while walking out the door, we get you. Life is busy. Those romanticized mornings that involve gentle yoga and fresh fruit happen sometimes, but definitely not every day. 

Here are four easy steps so that you can make every morning a great one, even if you only have five minutes to spare. 

Move Through a Routine

Your morning routine helps you find flow and set yourself up for a great day. If you like an upbeat morning, try playing your favorite music while you brush your teeth. If you’re someone who likes to ease into their day, start every morning with one minute of deep breathing before you launch into getting ready. Your routine doesn’t have to be long, but it is a way to start the day your way and feel prepared for the day ahead, no matter how many events are packed into it. 

That moment when you wake up is yours. Treat yourself to a little space before checking your phone, scrambling to get dressed, or making sure the entire family is fed. Squeezing in a little bit of self-care now means that you’ll be more refreshed and patient throughout the day. 

Be Open to “Yes”

If you’re anything like us, your planner is your best friend. Whether it is on your phone or in a physical notebook, your day is full of activities with just the right amount of time set aside for transitions. While to-do lists are great for productivity, sometimes those that are too rigid can be confining. If you leave a little bit of space in your day, you open yourself up to interesting and exciting opportunities. Spontaneity is a blessing, and these unplanned activities may be the gifts that make your day extra special. 

This idea also translates to bad days. Some days can be rough. Allowing yourself to have time to breathe or say “yes” to a new challenge can be just what you need to feel better. By doing this, you’ll take back your day and even turn it around. Tell us, what are you saying “yes” to today? 

Be Imperfectly Healthy

Instead of looking at the latest health trend, think about what healthy activities you love to do. Does getting a serving of vegetables before noon make you feel strong? Does 10 minutes of stretching dissolve some of yesterday’s back tension? Is meditation your go-to when your mind won’t stop racing? Don’t worry about having the “perfect” diet or “ideal” fitness routine. There are many ways to be healthy, but only you know what makes your body and mind feel happy, clear, and energized.

When you find your healthy, make it a part of your morning. The rest of your day will thank you. 

Dress For Your Day

The right outfit has the power to turn a good day into a great day. When you wear something that fills you with joy, you approach everything with a sense of ease, power, and confidence. By taking those extra two minutes to wear something that makes you hold your head high, you’ll feel it. When you find that, look in the mirror and soak in that internal glow. 

It’s more than pretty clothes, though. It’s important that you dress comfortably and for a wide variety of activities. When your day is packed, you do not have time to fumble with uncomfortable pants or change after every activity. You need clothes that are going to be there for your entire lifestyle, not just one aspect of your day. That’s why all of our clothes will be with you for every errand, moment of movement, and lunch date.

Your morning has the power to shape your mindset and mood for the entire day. Luckily, you’re in control. Your morning is yours to shape so that you can set yourself up to seize the day. 


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