Spring 2020 behind the scenes

All Day Alba
24 Apr , 2020

Infusing meaning into our collections motivates us to embrace both inner and outer beauty

Brielle Mayberg Halbert, Co-founder
You are hereby invited to discover beauty in unexpected places

Transience. Acceptance. Seeing the beauty in imperfection. Our Spring 2020 Collection is inspired by Japanese beauty aesthetics.

Through these pieces, we invite you to reconnect with yourself, to accept the ever-changing nature of life and to be prepared for the unexpected, so you can approach each day with relaxed confidence, knowing you are ready for anything. Ready to discover beauty in unexpected places to be self-accepting and compassionate, to embrace challenges with an open-heart, to be able to say yes to opportunities.

Wabi Sabi is more than just an aesthetic outlook; it’s a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and peacefully accepting change.
Spring 2020 moodboard

Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry.

Leonard Koren
Spring Collection Moodboard
Butter-soft fabrics in striking silhouettes offer effortless chic in utter comfort

We took all the wisdom of Wabi Sabi and poured it into every piece of this collection, which stands as a mantra for all of us to search for the joy, inspiration, and opportunities throughout our day.

Our calming, subtle color palette of Evening, Sundown, and Night represents the transient nature of life and the versatility of our collection. Our mix-and-match pieces will help you look pulled together, wherever your day may take you. Look out for metallic details and intricate drawings of cherry blossoms or sakura in our Ronda Tank Top, Mia Short Sleeve Dress and Althea Leggings.

From skirts to biker shorts, tailored-look trousers and silky sheer wraps, our new pieces are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful, so they can keep up with your day. Our luxurious, buttery-soft fabrics are also hi-tech: moisture-wicking, odor-neutralizing and wrinkle-free, they are easy-to-wear pieces for an effortless chic look all day long.

It is our imperfect features that make us so special and different from everyone else

Rachel Katzin, Co-founder
Discover our Spring 2020 Collection. We hope you love these pieces as much as we do.

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