We believe that clothes should keep up with you, so you feel empowered to say yes to any opportunity that comes your way.

Fashionable yet ready for any situation. Provides the structure of tailored womenswear, with the practicability of activewear.

We have carefully selected all the fabrics we use to create the signature All Day Alba styles our fans love.

Dress relaxed confidence Experience relaxed confidence

To us, fabric choice is part of the brand concept

Our mission is to help women feel relaxed confidence whatever the day brings. We believe that clothes should look incredible – and feel incredible too! We attend fairs throughout the year to source out the latest trends in fabrics and test them all to make sure they deliver on what they promise. We want you to be able to move, laugh, run, play, sit, work, sweat, and live in All Day Alba styles.

We use smart fabric technologies that look after you, and your skin

Mia Dress

The first is a hypoallergenic fabric created for people with delicate or sensitive skin. It’s made with collage peptide, which is great for helping your skin maintain its optimal moisture levels. It also feels amazing to touch and gives our styles that buttery soft feel. We love this material because it’s moisture-wicking, breathable, and it’s easy to wash and dry. All these qualities make it the ultimate fabric to conquer your day in, and we think it’s one of the most comfortable fabrics to travel in too!

Althea Leggings

The second main fabric we use is a smart fiber that converts your body heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and emits them back to the skin, promoting several benefits. This is the fabric we use in styles that hug your body, producing that sculpted, toned look All Day Alba Fashionwear is known for. It also delivers a moderate compression effect that, when worn over a period of 30 days for more than 6 hours a day, can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Feel our fabrics

We care for you, we care for the environment

We believe in conscientious shopping, which is why we try and make sure that every All Day Alba style offers versatility and endless options to mix and match! Wherever possible, we choose fabrics that are eco-friendly. We know we can always do more, which is why we are continuously striving to improve our sustainability levels. We also use packaging made of recycled materials and that is recyclable.

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