Copy of A Day in the Real Life of Lani and Kyle of Real Life Style

A Day in the Real Life of Lani and Kyle of Real Life Style featuring their Favorite All Day Alba Styles

All Day Alba’s chic fashion wear delivers lasting performance from morning until night, keeping up with even your most hectic days.

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I style my Sonja Short Sleeve Tee in Night with a little twist and a tuck into the Maria Mini Skirt in Evening, a perfectly stylish outfit for a morning watching my boys.

Time to bike ride with the kids! I change out the Maria Mini Skirt for the Alisson Short in Night. I then untuck the Tracy Tank in Sundown that I have been wearing underneath my Sonja Short Sleeve Shirt in Night, showing off the cute pink layer. The sheer back of the Sonja Tee keeps me cool and reveals the gorgeous strap detail of the Tracy Tank. Grey snakeskin sneakers are practical and match perfectly. Even my Cannondale bicycle matches my outfit!

After a shower, a fresh Tracy Tank (because it feels like wearing nothing and has a shelf bra that really works) in my favorite Sundown color is my first choice. The next piece is the Nicola Skirt in Midnight, long enough that I can run after the kids and sit at my desk comfortably, and as easy as sweatpants. The best layer is last. My absolute favorite piece in the entire collection, the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top, keeps me from getting a chill in the air conditioning, and adds an elegant third piece layer to my outfit.I feel elegant and appropriate when Mr. Real Life Style asks me to have a nightcap on the balcony after the kids go to bed!

The Ronda Top and Out the Door Skirt in Night are the perfect base for my outfit as I walk my dog Daisy. The Gabby Spring Jacket in Evening provides a chic layer to keep out the morning chill and the pop of color brightens my morning mood.

I change out the Gabby Spring Jacket for the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top, also in Night. The silky fabric is the perfect light layer to keep me comfortable at the computer, yet polished for a lunch out. The Ronda Top and Out the Door Skirt are stylish enough to keep up with my day, no matter the plan. The Kerri Mesh Wrap Top is tied at the front to show off both my waist and the asymmetrical lines of the skirt.

I take off the Ronda Tank, revealing the matching Up-Time Alba Sports Bra I have been wearing all day. The Kerri Mesh Top becomes the perfect evening top layered over just my Up-Time Alba Sports Bra. I switch things up again by bringing one end of the top through the slit on the opposite side, wrapping it around my back, and tie it to the side. The Nadia Pant, with its rose gold and cherry blossom trim, adds shine and interest to my outfit.

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