Fabric Features & Technology


Let your body breathe with modern airflow fabrics that cool your body – All Day.

Sweat Repellent

Sweat but don’t sweat it – our fabric keeps the sweat away – All Day.


Your body won’t feel damp or sticky with our fabric tech that keeps your clothes feeling dry and clean.

Body Moisture

Keep your skin feeling soft and smooth all day with collagen-embedded fibers that help your skin stay hydrated.

Extra Comfort

Clothes that give you comfort and freedom to move – All Day.

Four-Way Stretch

No matter which way you stretch or get stretched, our clothes will keep up with you – All Day.


Fabrics that give you the freedom to sweat and still smell great – All Day.


Enjoy the sun while our fabric’s opaque micro-fibers protect you – All Day.


Make your day go swimmingly without fear of salt damage.


Turn rainy days into Alba days with water-repellent fabric.


Wear it without it wearing it out – our anti-piling fabrics make your outfits look new each day.

Easy Care

We took care to make your clothes easy care – hand or machine wash without a care or worry.


Wash and dry and get back to your day – with Alba’s quick-dry fabric!


Out of your handbag and onto your body, your Alba outfit stays as smooth as you.


Feel good about looking so good, knowing that your Alba clothes are made with eco-friendly recycled materials.