1. Accentuate Your WaistHave you ever worn a very boxy dress or sweater, then proceeded to feelthat something was “off”? When you wear pieces that erase your waistline,it can throw off your shape and make your torso look more rectangular.You can remedy this by ensuring each piece accentuates and drawsattention to your natural waist. Our Kerri Mesh Long Sleeve Wrap wrapsin six different waysfor you to figure what looks best on your body. If youprefer some more guidance, the Serena ⅞ Sleeve Topincludes a belt toensure your waist is highlighted.Sometimes women feel self-conscious when their waist is a focal point. Ifyou feel this way, resist the urge to wear clothing that is too big for yourbody. Instead, go for more subtle waist definition by wearing the MiaShort Sleeve Dress. This dress shifts the focus to the bust while remainingtailored throughout the entire silhouette.When you saw this, you were probably nervous that we would recommendan intense workout or bland diet to follow. That’s not our style. We wantyou to continue moving and eating in a way that feels good to you, but atthe same time, feel confident in clothing that highlights your shape.Through strategically designed fashionwear, All Day Alba clothing has thepower to sculpt your body and empower you to move about your dayconfidently.We partnered with Tara Hooper from The Style Signature to show youhow to love your figure by showing off your Skinny Bits.Every woman has 4 Skinny Bits, which are areas of her body that tend to benarrower than the rest. These locations are her waist, earlobe to décolleté,elbow to wrist, and knee to ankle. She advocates that by alwaysaccentuating 3 out of 4 Skinny Bits, a woman can look slimmer instantly.Read on to dive deeper into how you can show off your Skinny Bits and loveyour body’s shape.HOW TO LOOK SCULPTED ANDFIT IN 10 SECONDS